Rhythm & Roots

13 May to 7 January 2018

From blues to hip hop

Feel the rhythm and discover the roots! From jazz to salsa, from hip hop to rock-n-roll: music transcends borders and is universal. It does something to you. It moves you and gets you moving. Just like music itself is constantly on the move. The Rhythm & Roots exhibition takes you on a musical journey.

Many of the musical styles we know today have their roots in Africa. How have genres like blues, rap or afro beat developed from this? Find out with the help of music clips, personal stories and many instruments. Admire iconic objects like Chuck Berry’s and Jimi Hendrix’s guitars, Elvis’s leather biker jacket and James Brown’s cape.

From Africa, America to Europe, from B.B. King to Giovanca, Rhythm & Roots shows you how music connects people with each other. Look, listen and experience this in the Tropenmuseum.