In the area: Plantage Amsterdam

The Tropenmuseum is situated in the Plantage, The Cultural Garden of Amsterdam. Right in the center of the city, this neighbourhood offers nature and culture in a lively, laidback environment.

Most beautiful area of Amsterdam 

Because this area has the highest density of museums, cultural institutions and parks in the whole of Amsterdam and a great many bars and restaurants, there are wonderful combinations to be made. Stroll from botanical garden to museum, from zoo to science centre, from synagogue to diamond factory and enjoy a waterfront lunch in between.

The Plantage Amsterdam is situated in the centre of Amsterdam, within easy reach of metro, tram, bike or boat. It’s one of the most diverse areas in Amsterdam: the combination of water, nature, culture, science, history and theater is found nowhere else.

Website Plantage

Visit the website for a complete overview of this lively and green district. Here you will also find more information about the seventeen participating institutions and full, up-to-date listings of forthcoming exhibitions, performances and other events, as well as details of the Plantage’s other highlights. And the website’s interactive map makes it easy to plan a visit to any of the Plantage’s attractions, followed by an excellent lunch or an exciting family outing.