Insurgents of the Caribbean

23 May until 27 July 2014 in the Gallery

Nicola Lo Calzo

How does an historical event influence self-confidence today? Can the feeling of power originating from that event be passed on from generation to generation? The Tropenmuseum is exhibiting sixteen fascinating photos by Nicola Lo Calzo about memories of the slave revolt on Haiti and Guadeloupe and how these memories have been handed down. 

The photos are not about the painful aspects of the history of slavery but show the strength originating from it. With the photos of Haiti and Guadeloupe Nicola Lo Calzo makes a connection between the colonial past and the present. They are not really about giving an accurate picture of the past, but about why and how people appropriate that history in the present. 

Nicola Lo Calzo researches the legacy of the history of slavery

Nicola Lo Calzo (born in Turin, Italy, in 1979) lives and works in Paris. The works purchased by the Tropenmuseum belong to the Ayiti and Mas series and are part of a long-term research project by Lo Calzo on the legacy of slave history, called CHAM. Since 2010 Lo Calzo has already travelled to Africa, the Caribbean, America and Europe for this project. The complete CHAM series will be shown in 2015 in the framework of an international exhibition tour, which will be accompanied by a dedicated publication. His photographs have been published in Liberation, Le Monde, The Independent and elsewhere ( The Tropenmuseum is the first museum to buy works from this project.