Body Art

20 March until 30 August 2015 in the Northwing

Body Art is an exhibition about body modifications in the widest sense, from make-up and tattoos to implants below the skin and surgical changes. Across time and cultures. The central question is....

Why do people alter their body?

Expression of identity

Besides the socially accepted tattoos, piercings and make-up, there are many ways of altering your body: deliberately inflicted scars, burn marks, implants or silhouette changes. Body Art shows that every ornamented person, no matter how extreme, is expressing his or her identity. And everyone has the need to do that.

Possible answers

 The Body Art exhibition introduces the visitor to six possible answers.Contemporary work by the world-famous artist ORLAN and photos by Krijn van Noordwijk are alternated with personal stories and top pieces from the Tropenmuseum’s own collection and from, for example, the MAS in Antwerp and the Museum der Kulturen in Basel.