Secret Love

2 May 2015 until 8 May 2016 in the Parkzaal

Sexual diversity in China

After Stockholm, now on show in Amsterdam: Secret Love, a contemporary art exhibition about the taboo surrounding lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBTs) identities in China. How do positive changes towards sexual diversity in China affect LGBTs?

Love has no gender!

Open to discussion

The exhibition comprises around 45 works by 10 renowned Chinese artists such as Ma Liuming, Gao Brothers, Li Xiaofeng and Chi Peng. The works explore subjects such as sexuality, desire and taboo. The exhibition emphasizes in particular the artists’ commitment to creating change. With their artworks they contribute to opening up the discussion about sexual diversity.

Exhibition from Sweden

The exhibition was originally curated by the National Museums of World Culture in Sweden and is now on show for the first time in the Netherlands. Curator Si Han says: "We have done extensive research in preparation for this exhibition. This is something that nobody has done before. You could say that this exhibition is a new chapter in Chinese artistic history.”

More information about the artists who contributed to this exhibition.