“My father inspires me every single day."

Gregory Robert

Gregory Robert (25) was born and raised in Paris, and he still lives there. He’s a dancer, a model, a manager: a true jack of all trades. In 2011 Gregory a.k.a. Gogo got spotted on the street by Kira Bunse for his eccentric style and from that moment on he made his mark into the fashion world. He became a face in well-known magazine as WAD and France I-D. And then collaborations started with brands like Nike, Hermes and Pigalle. Gogo is one of the ambassadors of Pigalle and a entangled part of the Pigalle family as well.

What does awareness means to you?
Well, I would say that awareness is what helps you to interact with your environment. You feed it by curiosity, by observing everything that surrounds you, like peoples behaviors, conversations, nature, fashion, architecture, art, sport... It is also about knowledge and culture. I think that awareness has to be shared but not imposed.

What do you find inspiring in the fashion, art and design industry?
The way it is pushing me to work hard and how it motivates me to share my creativity. I have always been fascinated by how artists bring a personal touch to their work. The way you communicate your creation is what gives the ‘color’ you want people to perceive. I know how I want people to perceive me, and I am trying to convey my message in the best and most accurate way possible. I am inspired by the emotions, love and generosity I see in art. Because art in general is always evolving and it helps me to define my own idea of ‘beauty’.

Tell us 3 people that you find inspiring and why?
Pink Panther: He is my favorite cartoon character. I am a big fan of his attitude and his look. Moreover he is pink and that’s my favorite color. He is what I call a classic and I am trying to be one too.
Taylor: He is my partner, friend, brother from day one. He is definitely one of the guys who plays the most important role in my life. He is one of the reasons I am who I am: eccentric, confident and happy. He never stops inspiring me. He is always cozy and chill, but hardworking, passionate and ambitious at the same time. His artistic vision (clothes, music, design etc.) is complex and brilliant. We aspire to the same lifestyle and complete each other.
My father: He inspires me every single day. He has the most important value: loyalty. Also, he never tried to hide the human vice to me so I was ready for this world since the beginning (awareness). Obviously he’s handsome, where do you think I got that from? (haha). Everything he wears is classic: white tee, gold chain and blue denim. I think he gave me too much love, and that is why I got so much too share.

What do you find frustrating about the fashion, art and design industry?
I can’t tell because I am not really inside of it, even if I rub shoulders with people from this background. My goal is to do fashion, art as well as design but not specifically in the industry. I mean, I have a vision that I want you to see and feel as clear as me. So I am creating my own stuff and everybody is invited. Most definitely I will be approached and even involved in the industries. But for now, I can’t tell about frustrating things yet because I still feel free.

Name three countries you think were most special to travel to and where you have learned more about other cultures and diversity.
China (Shanghai): In China I have seen what generosity and being helpful means and what it can do. That is almost become embarrassing sometimes. Their culture is so different from ours in Western-Europe, but it still works. Their way of life inspires and helps me to take a step back in certain situations and contemplate more possibilities.
United States (New-York): New York is such a powerful city. Here people don’t wait for you to be huge in your field to give you credits; they trust talent. I believe that there are a lot of opportunities here.
The Netherlands (Amsterdam): Amsterdam is hit by the solidarity between people from the fashion, design and art industry. It is a small but creative city. And instead of competition between all the artists, I saw brotherhood and love through different generations

How do you use gender, identity and diversity in creating your own work?

I actually grew up it the suburbs of Paris, in the hip-hop dance scene, and here I’ve always experienced sexism. I have never tried to break any gender ‘rules’ but people often tell me that I have a good balance between masculinity and femininity. I am also born from a Haitian dad and an Indian-Guadeloupe mom which make me a mixed race guy. I believe that this has made me pay less attention to old-fashioned views on diversity. It is unfortunate however that diversity is literally dividing people and creating boarders.

Is there equality in fashion, art and design industries?
At the end of the day these industries are a micro society. And I don’t know a society that is a 100% equal. But this has never limited me in any way. I always work hard to reach my goals.