Differemment Semblables

Daniel & Dave

Daniel (36) and Dave (21), with a shared passion for art, culture, design but largely for fashion, decided a year a go to share our vision on Instagram under the name Differemment Semblables (differently similar). By using Instagram on a daily basis, we feel Dutch male influencers are focused on a more stereotypical commercial look and feel. With focus on fashion, taking inspiration from magazine editorials such as Zoo magazine, i-d and Fantastic Man, against a conceptual background, we dare the broaden this one-sided image. This way we also challenge ourselves to grow creatively while exploring the environment. In result, a spacious fashionable static image that hopefully leads to inspire.

What  do  you  find  inspiring  in  fashion,  art  and  design?
That it has the ability to provoke thought, whether it is beautiful strange or even grotesque.

Can  you  tell  us  three  designers  that  you  find  inspiring? And  why?
1.   The late Alexander McQueen. Because he could take all the ugliness in the world and turn it into the most beautiful elusion
2.   Rick Owens. For his will to the break boundaries of patrons and eye for the use of volume.
3.   Raf Simons. Ever drawing inspiration from teen spirit, twisting it with futuristic minimalism.

What  do  you  find lacking  about  the  fashion,  art  and  design industry?
There should always be something missing for artist to evolve.

Name  three  countries  you  think  are  most  special  to  travel  to and  why?
1.   Japan. Innovative in fashion, art design and food.
2.   India. Because of their colourful culture and religion.
3.   Egypt. Because of it’s historical mystery.

The  fashion  fest  is  about  creating  awareness.  What does awareness mean to you? 
Keeping in mind where, how and what the garments are made of. With a closer look into human rights.

With  this  blog  we  want  to  create  awareness  around topics  like  gender, identity and diversity. Do you take these topics in account in your work, if so can you tell us how?
We don’t like restrict to the boundaries of gender. We often wear clothes by unisex brands such as Odeur or are inspired by women’s brands such as The Row. We more go for the item or look we want rather than to stay confined by the image of men’s fashion.

Digital technology and globalization ensure that the creative sector is subject to strong changes. What do you think these changes will look like?
Digital globalization can make it hard for the creative sector to stay true to their own individuality. Most are forced to take inspiration from one another because of platforms such as Instagram. Still we feel that the digital globalization is also part of the growth of many smaller brands due to their smart use of creating a huge following.