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National Museum of World Cultures

The collection of the National Museum of World Cultures is a combination of the collections of the Tropenmuseum, Africa Museum, Museum Volkenkunde and Wereldmuseum. 

The collection contains almost 450,000 objects and 260,000 photographic images that are part of the state or municipality collections, and another 350.000 images of documentary value.


Only a small part is on display in the museum galleries. The collection online enables you to browse a growing part of the collection that is kept in the storage rooms. For this presentation, the collection has been subdivided in objects and photographic collections, and has been linked to constituents, exhibitions, expeditions and themes.

Special guest on the website is the collection of Museum Puri Lukisan from Ubud, containing Balinese paintings and sculptures. 

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Fashion Cities Africa, exhibition
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Fashion Cities Africa

Through the eyes of fashion experts from Casablanca, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and the Netherlands, visitors discover the lively and diverse fashion scenes that shake up the world of fashion.
Fterlives of slavery, exposition, photography by Kirsten van Santen
Permanent exhibition

Afterlives of Slavery

Slavery and the stories of the enslaved are part of a history shared by black and white. The exhibition Afterlives of Slavery focuses on the aftermath of this history that influences Dutch society to date.
Tropenmuseum, exhibition, Body Art
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Body Art

Body Art is about body decorations in the broadest sense: from make-up and tattoos, to implants under the skin and surgical alterations, through the ages and across cultures. The key question is, why do people alter their bodies?
Tropenmuseum, exhibition, Aleppo
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A city that has been in the news almost continuously for many months now because of the war raging there.